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Indian ▓bungalow is a very simple structure.The Ori●ental carpenter considers his task finished when● he has thrown together—if the actions of so ap●athetic a workman may be so described—a frame-w●ork of light poles, boarded them up on● the outside, and tossed a roof ▓of thatch on top.The interior he● leaves to take care of itself, and the ●result is a dwelling as roug●h and ungarnished as an Amer▓ican hay-loft. The room in which we found ou▓rselves was some twenty feet square and extreme●ly low of ceiling, its skelet▓on of unhewn beams all exposed, lik●e the ribs of a cargo steamer●.Two rectangular

openings in oppos●ite walls, innocent of frame or glass, admitte●d a current of night air that mad▓e the chamber almost habitable.● In the center of the floor, which was polished▓ smooth and shining by the shuffle of bare f▓eet, was a large grass mat; while▓ beyond, on a low das, squatted a gorgeous, l▓ife-sized statue of Buddha. At the▓ moment of our appearance, a score of native pri▓ests were crouched on as many

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small mats ranged ▓round the walls.They rose sl▓owly, really agog with curiosity,● yet striving to maintain that phle●gmatic air of indifference that is cu▓ltivated among them, and grouped the●mselves about us.In the brilliant l▓ight cast by several lamps and long rows▓ of candles before the statue, w▓e had our first clear view of the American prie▓st.He was tall and thin of figure, yet si●newy, with a suggestion of hidden strength.His● face, gaunt and lantern-jawed, ▓was seared and weather-beaten and marked wi●th the unmistakable lines of har▓dships and dissipation.It was easy to▓ see that he was a recruit from the ranks ●of labor.His hands were coarse and disp●roportionately large.As he mov

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